Youth Radio promotes young people’s intellectual, creative, and professional growth through education and access to media. Youth Radio’s media education, broadcast journalism, technical training and production activities provide unique opportunities in social, professional and leadership development for youth, ages 14-24. We see Youth Radio’s work as cultivating the natural resilience and strength of young people. By connecting youth with their communities through media literacy and professional development, they become active partners in civic engagement.

Youth Radio:

• Allows youth to develop competencies in media literacy/production, journalism and technology

• Teaches youth about professional expectations and appropriate workplace behavior

• Offers youth opportunities to reach their educational and career goals

• Empowers youth, staff and their communities to incorporate health and wellness activities in their daily lives

• Distributes media content to wide audiences and brings attention to critical issues impacting young people

• Shares best practices for community based and media organizations in service of young people nationwide

Youth Radio’s overarching goal is to instill a long-term commitment and engagement on the part of youth as viable contributors and leaders in the media/arts, journalism and civic life. Eighty percent of Youth Radio participants are low-income and/or youth of color. All of Youth Radio’s programs and services—professional development, media education, technical training, academic support and health services—are free. Our programs and services strengthen life skills, motivate high school graduation, support higher education goals and prepare participants for careers in the 21st century. Our youth-produced investigative news features and compelling personal narratives air nationally and touch the lives of millions of listeners each month.

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