The Plan To Win Youth

By Andrew Meyer

As you may have heard, championing the youth vote has been a major talking point throughout the DNC. I sat in on a Youth Council meeting, the group most responsible for revving up young voters, to see what they have in store.

After a quick introduction from chairman Jason Rae, the first speaker talked about Dashboard, an online tool designed to help delegates and other interested youth coordinate events and get people signed up to vote. So yeah, a Facebook clone with an unimaginative name, but it’s their Facebook clone with an unimaginative name.

After Facebook you gotta talk about Youtube right? Well they had that covered, of course, and showed this “fired up” video, which actually got the crowd cheering.

To keep the good vibes flowing, the next speaker, former Georgia State Senator and current DNC advisor Regina Thomas, used lots of imagery, visceral language, and hand motions to emphasize the importance of fighting for what you believe in. By the end of her rallying cry, most of the people were so visibly pumped up that they stood from their chairs.

David Seamus was next up to the plate. The Director of the Opinion Research Center did his best to describe the impact young delegates are making in the race for president. The message, “Go vote and get your friends to vote” turned into a several minute speech.

Then, ta-da, Jill Biden arrived, and was mobbed before she could even reach the podium.

The crowd was so excited to see her, take her picture, be in her presence or whatever, that it actually took her longer to get onto the stage than it did for her to give a congratulatory speech, and with that fitting end, I left during the next intermission.

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