First Morning at the DNC

By: Sayre Quevedo

I woke up to the sound of helicopters whizzing over the house and the feeling of sweat on my face. In other words, we’ve arrived in Charlotte, North Carolina and despite the fact that it’s still technically five in the morning for Californians and feels like a small sauna, the work has begun. Enthusiasm, computer cords and other equipment (including coffee) have already overwhelmed our workspace.

Today we’re going to pick up our credentials and sit in on the Democratic Convention Youth Press Conference, talk to folks and find try to figure out the buzz among young Democrats in this swing state where voters are still very much split.

In addition to checking out the Youth Press Conference we’re counting on running into the Coalition to March on Wallstreet South which will be protesting around one in the afternoon, rallying past Fraiser Park, then going east on Trade street, south on College street and then camping in Marshall park. They’ll be passing the Convention Center, the Bank of America, and the headquarters of Duke Energy then converging with Occupy Charlotte members at their encampment in the park.

We missed the media event last night, otherwise known as the nerd prom (#cltnerdprom), which I guess kind of makes us the nerds of the nerd prom. But don’t worry, you can definitely count on us geekin’ out as the big events approach so keep checking in as we bring you more updates from the DNC.


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