Obama’s Name Draws RNC Cheers — For Ryan

by Eduardo Zazueta

Last night was my first time seeing a political speech live, and it was Republican Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan. The crowd was pumped and laughing as President Obama was insulted comment after comment.”The president is throwing away money, and he’s pretty experienced at that,” said Ryan. The speech was so focused on Obama that I almost forgot I was at the Republican convention and had to remind myself this wasn’t  the Democratic convention.

Ryan’s speech lacked quality and detailed ideas that could defend his claim that he and Mitt Romney can fix the economy. I understand that bold statements make the crowd hyped, but there is no point to a statement stated as fact if it can still be questioned at the end of the speech. It seems the people that cheered felt strong enough about their beliefs that they shouted out of joy for every sentence. It was as if they were conditioned to act emotional in front of the cameras.

But then again, maybe political hypnotism is more understandable.


2 responses to “Obama’s Name Draws RNC Cheers — For Ryan

  1. It’s important for Youth Radio to not direct youth towards Romney or towards Obama, but to show both sides equally and let the youth make their own non-biased decisions. I think Youth Radio has advertised (at least in the email I got from them) to support Romney more, and this blog is focused more on the rnc than the dnc. This biased front of Youth Radio is realy not something I or other youth can support or trust.

    I will never look at Youth Radio again the same way.
    peace, Pahdri

    • Hi Pahdri, thanks for your comment. We send teams to cover youth stories at both the RNC and DNC. Stay tuned for our DNC’s team coverage here next week.

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