Fiscal Conservatism Fuels Debt-Concerned Youth

by Jenny Bolario

Here at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, young Republicans are practically fawning over the vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan. Youth Radio reported today on NPR’s All Thing’s Considered about Ryan’s influence on young voters.

Independents seem more hesitant to praise the candidate. Nick Troiano, who’s 23 and calls himself a radical centrist, respects Ryan’s lead on this issue, and agrees with some aspects of his proposal, but not others.

Troiano was recently featured in a film documentary called Follow the Leader, which tells the story of three conservative teenagers going through high school in America after 9/11, and is premiering at the RNC. But once Troiano got to college, he became disillusioned with the Republican party and the head-butting in Congress.

He’s here at the RNC representing a campaign that he started with a friend called “The Can Kicks Back.” It’s a non-partisan, Millennial-driven campaign that aims to mobilize 18-32 year-olds around “America’s fiscal crisis.”

The campaign hopes to recruit 100,000 supporters in 50 congressional districts, and then mobilize them to put pressure on their elected leaders to fix the debt.


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