Advice for a First Time Voter

by Eduardo Zazueta

Tampa, Florida. Hot and uncomfortable, especially when carrying heavy recording equipment to the Republican National Convention (RNC). Chaz, another Youth Radio reporter, and me visited the convention center to ask Republicans about the main things they thought a first time voter like me should know before choosing between presidential candidates.

It’s safe to say they all mentioned that all first time voters should do their research, whether it be based on the issues they think are important or the candidates that address their top priorities. If a voter doesn’t do some political research, then they honestly don’t know what they are voting for, unless a voter feels fine with how politicians are portrayed through word of mouth, including mainstream media. Some people might argue that general information is all they need to finalize their pick during the presidential elections, because it’s all they need to know. Sure, candidates can at times seem deceitful, but that is why there are different resources and media outlets to help find more fact than fiction. “Don’t vote just because someone’s likeable, vote because they reflect what you believe in,” one of my interviewees told me.

Stay tuned as I figure this s#&t out.


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