Why Does “Family Man” Strike A Chord With Young Republicans?

By Robyn Gee

One thing that stood out when talking to college Republicans about Paul Ryan is how much they like his young family. Most presidential and vice presidential candidates are married with children, but in an election when a lot rests on the VP candidate’s youth appeal, it’s interesting to hear how young conservatives gravitate towards Paul Ryan’s image of a family man living in  domestic bliss.

We asked Dr. Susan MacManus, political science professor at USF, to shed some light.

“A lot of young people, particularly this younger generation, grew up in divorced households. They’re very worried about that. They want to make sure they have a great family life and so When they see someone successful and stuck together, and had children, and see, to be a family unit, that seem to be in love with each other, that’s really important to them.”


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