Paul Ryan, The Smallest Elephant In The Room

Photo Credit Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst

by Eduardo Zazueta

Another day in Tampa, Florida and the rain became a bit more violent. Today, I went around the city with a group of reporters searching for young people between the ages of 18-34 who could give us their input on Paul Ryan, the vice presidential candidate.

We talked to 25-year-old Simon, who was in Tampa temporarily, and we started off by asking him about Paul Ryan. Simon didn’t know who that was, but we did tell him that Ryan actively follows P90X and this is how he replied.

There weren’t many young people out on the streets — actually almost no one at all. In a lot of our interviews, our interviewees were familiar with presidential candidate Mitt Romney, but not Paul Ryan — how surprising. Only two of the people I asked to interview had knowledge of who Paul Ryan was. I had assumed residents of Tampa would be aware of political celebrities like Ryan, along with the issues that are being covered during this Republican National Convention. But the so-called young politician didn’t seem to appeal to  young voters even though he is portrayed as a catalyst for the youth vote.  Then again, he is 42, which isn’t that young to me. As a young U.S. citizen and first time voter, I don’t care how a politician spends his time or how old he or she is. I take into consideration their ideals and beliefs.

Stay tuned until i figure this $h#t out


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