What’s A Synonym For Republican?


By Eduardo Zazueta

The heat in Tampa, Florida is hot and confused. The rain is warm when the sun isn’t even out.

 I’m here reporting on the Republican National Convention (RNC) to see the point of view of right wing politics. The RNC hasn’t started yet, but I still went to local events where Republican issues were introduced.
 I interviewed Republican after Republican at the Ron Paul rally, and noticed that the Republican party has a number of smaller groups inside of the party rooting for their favorite candidates. The Ron Paul crowd at this event was not in favor of Mitt Romney. Every time I asked about the differences between them and Romney supporters, they only commented on how Romney is a “fake Republican.” Obviously, this creates tension in the party.
As an observer, I didn’t even understand the point of a rally for a man who won’t be chosen as a candidate. A majority of the people there were very serious and emotional about the experience, but it seemed like it would be hard for them to inspire undecided voters.
Stay tuned as I figure this $h#t out.

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