Chocolate Dipped Ron Paul. Verdict: Old and Stale

By Jenny Bolario

During the Ron Paul rally at the University of Florida today, there were two men passing out chocolate. Ian Wilson and Mike Vandenbos are the creators of the “Ron Paul” chocolate bar, specially created in honor of the candidate, with Paul’s face pictured on the wrapper and engraved on the actual chocolate. Vandenbos says their candy is important because, “every revolution requires chocolate,” and that the Ron Paul chocolate bar is a great conversation starter. Since this chocolate was created for the elections, he says it has opened up several conversations between the Republicans and the Democrats and “brought unity to the country.” Wilson, for his part, stated that “every revolution has love and peace, and chocolate represents love.”

I think that’s kind of bull crap. When I opened the chocolate, instead of bringing me peace, I was left with a bunch of tiny pieces of chocolate. Not really what I expected. Ron Paul’s face was shattered like an unfinished puzzle. As I took a bite of the chocolate, I realized why it was such a conversation starter. This chocolate tasted disgusting, so I’m sure people had a lot to talk about.

Vandenbos and Wilson pride themselves on selling thousands of their chocolate in ten different countries. At three dollars for each Ron Paul bar, I’d rather buy three chocolate Hershey’s bars for the same price and share them with others. At least there’s less chance of the bar being old and stale, and more chance of it truly uniting chocolate lovers, at least.


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