Young Republicans Aren’t Socially Conservative

Photo: DonkeyHotey/ BY-NC-SA

Young conservatives aren’t mirror images of the elder members of the Republican party, according to a recent article in the New York Times. Young Republicans are embracing same-sex marriage and more liberal stances on abortion.

Instead, young Republicans hope that Mitt Romney sticks to trying to fix the economy — an issue that conservatives of all generations can agree on. The article quotes Republican pollster Kristen Soltis, communications adviser to Crossroads Generation, a pro-Romney “super PAC” aimed at young voters, “My theory is that, just as young people don’t have to buy a whole album on iTunes and can pick and choose just the songs they like, they can customize their political views — and they do.”

According to a Pew research poll, young support for same-sex marriage is increasing rapidly. In 2008, 52 percent of 18 – 29 year-olds supported same-sex marriage, and in 2012, 62 percent of that age group is in favor of it. This is just one example of how young people’s views are evolving quickly, and Republican candidate Mitt Romney should take note, according to the Times.


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