What A Young Engaged Voter Looks Like


photo: Kelly Taylor/ BY-NC-SA

Youth Radio spoke to John Della Volpe, Director of Polling at Harvard’s Institute of Politics, about what a typical young voter looks like in 2012. We know we can’t expect the youth turnout we saw in 2008, so what can we expect? 

“A typical young voter in his or her late teens or early 20’s is somebody who cares deeply about the country, is probably already volunteering and particpating in one way or another through church, school, or some other civic organization to make their community better.”

In 2008, most young voters were in favor of Barack Obama, but Della Volpe says there is more uncertainty this election.

“I think they are interested in a respectful dialogue from each of those campaigns. They really want to be wooed by each of those campaigns. Certainly they are leaning towards Obama right now but I think they are open to having a conversation.”

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