Embracing Social Media: Register To Vote Via Facebook

ImageWashington recently became the first state to offer the chance to register to vote via Facebook. The link to the app is on the Washington State Elections Facebook page.

The idea is to interact with more people through social media. Once someone registers to vote using the app on Facebook, they can “like” it and share it with friends.

This strategy seems to go along with new research showing that young people are much more likely to engage in politics online, than canvassing for candidates they stand behind.

However, according to USA Today, Facebook will need to access a user’s personal information, like their name and date of birth, to auto-fill the initial sections on the voter registration form. And users will still need another form of ID to complete the registration. But this doesn’t mean that Facebook can access the state’s database.

Still, for some who are wary of online privacy issues, this might not be an appealing way to get into politics. Many people don’t use their real names or birth dates on their Facebook profiles. So far, the Facebook page has 425 Likes.

For more on young people and participatory politics, check out the following links:

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